Are Humans the Virus?

I should’ve walked that half-a-kilometer road to purchase packets of milk. But instead, I went cruising on my bike. Superior me. I thought I’d conquer the world if I saved enough time from purchasing that packet of milk if I rode my bike and decrease the amount of time required to purchase that packet. Too proud species this human is! I knew that I am contributing to the increment of global warming, at least I had studied it in books. But ‘the world will adjust’ mentality has left me ignorant among other ‘educated’ fellow humans alike. I can’t help myself ask this question now, ‘are humans the virus?’

I never saw a dolphin, the second most intelligent species on Earth after humans trying to challenge Mother Nature just as much as humans have done. Every great scientific discovery that has led to modern human lifestyle, with a greater lifespan, better equipped scientific discoveries and what not. Look at how much nuclear weapons the globe has accumulated now. All for what? Instead of harmony, we chose war. Instead of gratitude, we chose hatred and anger. Against whom? We never had a fight against the aliens. Nor did the wild animals ever tried to eradicate entire humans from this Earth. The ego and feeling of superiority of one human against the other have only created troubles more than any other species have caused us, except the COVID-19 now.

The Earth will move on, with or without humans.

But never did we give a second thought that even though our rockets and spaceships have traveled eons in search of second Earth, we have always been disappointed with the discoveries till now. The five elements- fire, air, water, earth, and ether, perfectly embodied within us is a shred of evidence that we are after all just a mere creation of this Earth, evolved from millions and millions of years because of the perfect balance of these elements and the environment the Earth provided.

A better set of questions for ourselves to ask would be: Does Earth need us or do we need Earth? The greed for everything, why is required after all? Whom are we fighting against?

Every day at some part of this world, a human race that thinks superior to another human race would impose their superiority bombing and creating havoc. What are we trying to prove? Whom are we fighting against? With intellectual manipulations and the beauty of diverse intelligence, humans have successfully been able to establish superiority, not against anyone else but against their own species. The clinginess towards proving superiority against one’s race, ethnicity, religion, has done more harm than good to our species.

But look at the humans now, helpless, worried, devastated, and broken. The same humans who were fighting just a few weeks ago have somehow come together to fight against another species, the CoronaVirus. Russia, a communist nation, has donated at times of need, to a capitalist nation, USA. This makes us wonder, are ideologies greater than the existence of human species? Definitely not. They are necessary to shape a particular group of people, the society, community or even a nation, but definitely not if you take human species into account. The white people were chanting OM and a Sardar was delivering food to a needy Muslim elderly woman in India. Every such activity seen now leads us to ask ourselves this now: why didn’t we continue our fights, stuck with our beliefs, why are we avoiding to exploit Earth at this point in time? Probably the only answer would be ‘trying to survive and avoid Covid-19.’

Does it make sense now? humans are together in this, fighting against an unseen virus. More than fighting, I’d say we are trying to avoid it. We are hiding in the concrete walls we built, wearing the protective shields we manufactured, doing the very best to stop the spread. I wonder why none has that feeling of hatred now against another human but instead offering prayers via Namaj, Aarati, Chantings, and whatnot, just to make sure that human species prevail on Earth. So if humans were never the real enemies of other humans, why were we indulged in killing each other at our consciousness after all? Let the virus do the cleaning. To them, we are their host for their species to thrive. For them, we are just a host and nothing else. This takes me back to the original question, is COVID-19 the virus? Or are humans the virus?


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